4. Panel discussion: #TheDress – What do we know?

In early 2015, an image of a dress polarised the internet: Some people saw it as black-blue, and some as white-gold. Three years on, we revisit the dress and discuss how vision science can explain this phenomenon. 

With Manuel Spitschan, Anya Hurlbert, Karl Gegenfurtner and David Brainard.

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In this video series, we explore human colour vision and colour perception through the lens of neuroscientists, psychologists, and physicists working in the field. We examine how light hitting the back surface of our eye leads to signals in the cones and rods and how these can be measured using modern non-invasive techniques, how spectral imaging can allow us to "see" what the human eye cannot, and also examine what we learned from #TheDress.

Produced by Dr. Manuel Spitschan, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford (2018). Funded by OSA Color Technical Group, International Colour Vision Society (ICVS), Colour Group (GB) & Oxford Vision Group (OxVis).

1. Seeing Neurons inside the living human eye

2. Neurons code the colours we see

3. More than meets the eye - hyperspectral imaging

4. Panel discussion: #TheDress. What do we know?




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