Steven Shevell

For over 35 years, Professor Shevell has contributed to the vision and particularly the color vision community in breaking new ground in research, training new researchers and providing service to the community.  In his experimental work, he has carefully integrated theoretical and experimental approaches in studies of how early mechanisms and context influence color perception.  He has artfully exploited the technique of hue cancellation to study adaptive processes, spatio-temporal constraints, memory and binocular integration in color perception.   Professor Shevell is the Eliakim Hastings Moore Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Psychology at The University of Chicago, Professor in the Section of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Department of Surgery, and in the Committee on Computational Neuroscience, and, also, immediate-past Chair of the Integrative Neuroscience Graduate Program.   In addition, he has served, over the years, on editorial boards of leading journals, review panels of leading granting agencies and on the boards of major research societies.  He is currently a member of the Directors' Committee of the ICVS.  His wise and equilibrated advice is sought after in our deliberations and personifies the voice of careful research, integrity and reason.